Universal mobile scaffolds

aluminija torni
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Our Universal Mobile Scaffold ® is since 1992 an important product in the mobile scaffold market.

This Rolling Tower is made of high quality aluminium, with an unique strength in combination with a wall thickness of 2 mm. The rolling tower stands for simplicity, ease of use and durability. This product meets all requirements and calculation methods which are required to apply within the EU. (E.g. EN-1004/1298/2718/12811).

The Universal Mobile Tower ® is equipped with a robust locking pin with a ridge structure. This construction makes it easy to disassemble the frames, because no waste will stick on the locking pins.

Frame / welding:

The frames are manually manufactured by certified welders and compilers. All of our frames are welded by the strongest and most labour intensive welding method: manual TIG welding.

TIG welding method is the only method where a weld pool at a very high quality and with very high temperatures is achieved.

This method retains its purest aluminium composition (in terms of strength and additions) and urges heat in the weld on the fastest and most targeted way.

When the optimum weld pool for a weld is achieved (so far only observable by human eye, which is never to be equalled by robots) the welding wire will manually add drop wise in order to achieve the most strong, fine and pure weld.

All our TIG welders dispose of the highest certificates (level 1 TIG / m 6) and these certificates have to be refreshed every six months (checked and replaced). Hence, ASC provides a lifetime warranty on all welds of their products.
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