The ASC platforms are constructed out of a combination of industrial design and applications of high quality aircraft alloys. As a result, ASC has created an extremely strong profile which is also light in weight. Naturally these platforms meet the Class 3 Standards (2 kN pm2), but technically the construction of ASC platforms makes them suitable for facade scaffolding Class 4 (3 kN pm2).

By making use of much stronger girders, which are welded ¾ circular, the ASC Platform is a very solid and rigid construction with a great loading capacity and a low overall weight.

The ASC platform is equipped with one of the best Finnish woods, which has a 7-ply-bonded, water-repellent building structure (Forto deck). Of course, it is provided with the mandatory, wear resistant non-slip surface. The support hooks are 2 inches thick and solid aluminum.


ASC Carbon Platform Deck (lightweight).

ASC offers its platforms also with the ultra-light and strong ASC Carbon deck. Hereby the Forto deck is replaced by the Carbon deck. The structure of the ASC Carbon deck is based on a polyester honeycomb profile in combination with fiber-reinforced top and bottom components. This creates the same strong construction, but still 25% percent (4 kg) lighter than a wooden platform and an even longer durability.

ASC X-light-Deck ® (super lightweight).

The ASC X-light-Deck ® is a high-tech designed aluminium profie with welded and bolted beams, which is the perfect combination of strength and weight. This platform is equipped with the Carbon deck. This platform is provided with a lighter hook. In combination with modern assembly technology the weight is over 5 kg below the ASC standard platform.  Due to its low weight and high way of maneuverability, the ASC X-light-Deck is performed with unique crossbeams  at the bottom. This creates an even safer way of assembling a rolling tower and less chance of injury from overcharge.

Toe boards

The use of toe boards in the work floor is at all times required (not on a walk or passage floor). Standard a wooden set of toeboards will be delivered with plastic brackets. This is the most simple and economical solution. Optional we also have a set of aluminum toeboards with plastic brackets.

Wooden toe boards are easy to assemble with plastic brackets.

Fast-Clic ® set of toe boards.

The newly developed hinged set of toe boards is made of 2 mm thick aluminium of a high alloy. The hinges are extruded aluminium with stainless steel pins. The hinge can be disassembled completely for maintenance or replacement. The set of toe boards is finished with beautiful, shaped caps. The system is very robust and simple. When unfolding the set it clamps itself  at the frame. According to the requirements of EN 1004 the set of toe boards is150 mm high and protects adequately against falling opjects.

Mobile tower wheels

ASC has a very broad and wide range of professional (scaffold) wheels. Standard ASC mobile towers are delivered with a 200 mm double braked wheel of high quality plastic with a softer top layer. The galvanized steel spindle with plastic crown and solid fall protection, ensures a very stable and reliable wheel..

Scaffold base

The newly developed and patented Scaffolding Base of ASC is developed entirely on demands of the user. Especially in the present construction sites it is often difficult to have a fixed and stable ground for the mobile towers. With our scaffold base you obtain a greater support surface so that the pressure per cm2 is reduced up to 400% compared to the standard mobile tower wheel.

Price – 54.48 EUR without VAT (set of 2 pic.)

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