Stairway towers

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The ASC Stairs Tower is a new concept which has been developed to specific market demands. This tower meets the latest European legislation and is of very high quality combined with new developed and existing parts.

The ASC Stairways are entirely out of aluminium and also light weight. The new way of assembling ASC makes this tower very stable, comfortable to use and very user-friendly during assembly and disassembly. With this concept, one can always go upwards and down safely even if you carry, for example, a tool in one hand!


The ASC Stairway Tower features unique railing system with a safe exit. Therefore this Stairway Tower is the 1st tower of its kind in which the handrail system always complies the legal requirements. The aluminium hinged set of toe boards, which is also required by law, can also be provided.

The ASC Stairway Tower features a safe stirrup, which gives you always a safe step onto the next level.

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