A-line folding tower

The Folding Tower, a very high quality product for professional use, was developed in 1994 in collaboration with the rental industry. Because this folding tower is simple and robust, but also very economical, we are the market leader for years in the Benelux with this product.

The Folding Tower is manufactured from thick solid aluminium pivots. The frame is welded manually and assembled. This creates a large stability and a longer durability. The Folding Tower is available in dull or shiny aluminium with different connection pins. Standard dimensions: width 0.75 m / 1.90 m length / height 1.95 m. As an option, we also have the following dimensions: 0.75 – 190/250/305 (telescopic) and 1:35 – 190/250/305 (telescopic).

The Folding Tower will be delivered with double braked wheels (high quality). The wheel has a diameter of 150 mm. The total load capacity of the standard version is 450 kg. In combination with the heavy wheels is our Folding Tower the most robust in its market segment. For this product features a lifetime warranty on the welding. As an option the Folding Tower can be extended to a Rolling Tower of 8 m high. The Folding Tower meets all technical requirements for the 5805-2718 BS EN 1004.

Price per set – 470,80 EUR without VAT

salokamais tornis

Easy-X folding tower

In addition to the Folding Tower, we are also offering Easy-X. These very robust folding tower is produced out of high quality materials. This old Dutch quality product is welded manually. By default, the Easy-X sports is a 6-sports folding unit without connecting pins at the top. An optional set of connection pins is available. This option gives you the opportunity to extend the Easy-X with parts of the Universal ASC 75 rolling tower to a working height of 7.85m.

salokamais tornis

The Easy-X is the perfect product within the range of folding towers ASC. The Easy-X is delivered standard with 125 mm wheels. The robust platform features blue coated bearers and stands a weight of 225kg. The Easy-X is according to EN 1004 – Class 3. Through this robust but simple basic model the Easy-X is the perfect blend of quality / price.


Standard safe working height: 3 m. Dimensions l x w x h: 1.85 x 0.75 x 1.90 m. Total weight: 29 kg.

Price per set – 330.00 EUR without VAT

Folding tower with ladders

Especially for those who want to climb in a simple way on a folding tower ASC has developed the Multi Folding Tower. Unique is the ladder that can be installed under the platform and this offers a safe comfortable entry.

This folding tower is 90 cm wide and has a platform height of 2 meters. Included are 2x guardrails and two horizontal braces to create a safe working platform. Dimensions are 90 cm by 190 cm. Working height is 3.80 meters.


Price per set – 950.00 EUR without VAT.

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